Buffalo milk cheesecake – Boulevard

Buffalo milk cheesecake - Boulevard
Huckleberry conserva, graham cracker twists, almond parsley crumble, shinko pear with moscata. $10.50
Boulevard, San Francisco CA

I was intrigued when I saw the buffalo milk on the menu so I had to order this dessert. The cheesecake was certainly different – it was more dense but perhaps creamier than your typical cheesecake. And again, the components put it over the edge. The combination of the huckleberry conserve and pear globes, with the crispy twists and airy crumble was SO much fun. Noms!

Wimbledon Shrub cocktail - Boulevard
Wimbledon Shrub: Pimms, housemade strawberry shrub, fresh lemon juice, Sprite, served over ice. $13

California lamb T-bone – Boulevard

California lamb T-bone - Boulevard
Wood oven roasted, served off the bone. Grilled Zuckerman’s asparagus, Yukon potato salsa verde and Mt. Vikos feta, roasted lamb jus with mint and rosemary. $37
Boulevard, San Francisco CA

California lamb T-bone - Boulevard
Mmm, the roasted lamb was very flavorful and hearty. I loved the feta cheese with it and the lamb jus was delicious. I loved the crispy, charred edges of the lamb but wasn’t impressed by the potato salsa verde. I didn’t think it worked well with the rest of the dish.

Gin and tonic cocktail - Boulevard
Gin and tonic. $9.50

Alaskan halibut ala plancha – Boulevard

Alaskan halibut ala plancha - Boulevard
Squash blossom with erbette chard and sultanas, Lebanese semolina couscous with saffron and turmeric, roasted tomato almond honey. $35
Boulevard, San Francisco CA

I think the stars of this dish were the fried and stuffed squash blossom and semolina couscous! They were both so much fun to eat and absolutely delicious. The halibut was good too, but it was the other components that really shined. Noms!

Cucumber Gimlet cocktail - Boulevard
Cucumber Gimlet: Boodles gin, muddled cucumber, lime juice, simple syrup, served up. $14

Molten English pea ravioli – Boulevard

Molten English pea ravioli - Boulevard
Toasted pine nuts and Bucheron goat’s milk cheese, Italian summer truffles. $17
Boulevard, San Francisco CA

While the filling of these raviolis weren’t molten hot (more lukewarm), they were still absolutely delicious! I loved the flavor of the runny pea filling and the bow tie pasta shapes were very charming. Noms!

Manhattan in Spring cocktail - Boulevard
Manhattan in Spring: Buffalo Trace bourbon, aperol liqueur, rhubarb, Peychauds bitters, served up. $14

Point Reyes Bay blue cheese and beet salad – Boulevard

Point Reyes Bay blue cheese and beet salad - Boulevard
Oregon hazelnut aillade with preserved kumquats and Brooks cherries, icicle radishes and petite red romaine. $14.25
Boulevard, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this salad was amazing and the beets were beautiful. Actually, all the components of this salad were beautiful. I’m not even a huge salad person but I love quality food, and this plate was scrumptious. NOMS!

Bread and salted butter - Boulevard
Bread and salted butter. Complimentary