The homestead breakfast – Bob Evans

Eggs and bacon Bob Evans

Named after Bob and Jewell Evans’ original farmhouse, this classic includes all of your breakfast favorites: Bob Evans bacon (or sausage), two eggs (ordered over medium), grits (or hashbrown or home fries), a cup of creamy sausage gravy and two biscuits. $9.29
Bob Evans, Gahanna OH

This is apparently a Bob Evans favorite and I can see why. You get a whole lotta food! I couldn’t even begin to finish this order. I don’t know how many calories was in this thing, but I actually enjoyed most of it. The sausage gravy was really thick and delicious. I doused the grits with spoonfuls of it and went to town. The biscuits were also very fluffy and buttery. Not a place I would frequent because I would grow to the size of a house, but it was good to visit this place since we don’t have them in the Bay Area.

Biscuits and gravy Bob Evans

Biscuits and sausage gravy.

Grits Bob Evans


Orange juice Bob Evans

Large orange juice. $2.49