Nova Scotia crab croquettes – Amsterdam BrewHouse

Nova Scotia crab croquettes - Amsterdam BrewHouse
Fresh lump crab croquettes, romesco and lemon aioli. $14
Amsterdam BrewHouse, Toronto CANADA

Ugh, another super cold dish! I’m so tired of eating cold food here – I could have just gone out for ice cream. And the service was bad, so there really wasn’t much going for this place beyond the beer.


Hand-cut poutine – Amsterdam BrewHouse

Hand-cut poutine - Amsterdam BrewHouse
Ontario cheese curds, beef gravy. $8
Amsterdam BrewHouse, Toronto CANADA

This poutine tasted fine I guess. The fries were nice and crisp, but everything was really cold! Everything I ate at this restaurant was really cold actually. I may not be Canadian, but I’ve poutine before and it’s not supposed to be cold. I don’t know about you, but I don’t cold gravy over cold cheese curds is very appetizing.