Fried arancini – Ragazza

Fried arancini - Ragazza
With smoked mozzarella and sun-dried tomato pesto. Banquet-style dinner
Ragazza, San Francisco CA

We came here for a friend’s birthday celebration and sat in the cool white tent located in the back patio. We had a great time with amazing friends and, of course, the food was fabulous. These arancini were delicious and perfectly cooked (not greasy at all!). The smoked mozzarella inside the fried risotto ball was gooey and flavorful, and the accompanying meat sauce was wonderful too.

Cowboy statue
I really liked this (tacky) cowboy statue at the de Young Museum, hehe! Hey, it has lots of movement! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Fried arancini – Ragazza

    • OMG, you’re the second person who’s said that they haven’t had arancini! You must find some now! They’re kinda amazing and I’ve made them at home too. They’re just fried risotto balls and most people will stuff them with delicious fillings (mostly more cheese). 🙂 The statue just looks cheap and tacky to me, lol!

  1. Vincente – Did you see the Top Chef episode this season when everyone made fried arancini? The judges were miffed, but I was just HUNGRY. Who can argue with fried risotto stuffed with cheese? Glad yours were well-seasoned and not greasy. Best – Shanna PS Tacky cowboy statue is ridiculous – but endearing in an odd way. 🙂

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