Black pepper kimukatsu set – Kimukatsu

Black pepper kimukatsu - Kimukatsu
With cabbage salad, rice, miso soup, Japanese pickle, and choice of special sauce. $19
Kimukatsu, Honolulu HI

This was the first time I’d ever tried kimukatsu, and it was very tasty! It’s made with thinly sliced pork cutlet stacked into 25 layers, covered in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried for 8 minutes. It sounded intriguing so I had to try it. It thought it was really flavorful and tender, but it was a little on the greasy side probably because they fry it on a low temperature. The set is quite large so I was definitely full afterward.

Cabbage salad - Kimukatsu
Large bowl of cabbage salad for the table.

Steamed rice - Kimukatsu
Steamed rice.

Miso soup - Kimukatsu
Miso soup.

Japanese pickles - Kimukatsu
Japanese pickles.

Ume shiso ponzu - Kimukatsu
Ume shiso ponzu sauce.

Asahi beer - Kimukatsu

Asahi draft. $5.50

Tahitian dancers
Tahitian dancers, Canoe Pageant, Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie.

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