Eggs in jail – Outerlands

Project 365: Day 4

It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in San Francisco! I’m only slightly hung over from a late-ish night out with Silverfox and friends after a yummy dinner at Hecho and an even later after-bar dinner at Curry Boyzz (ugh!). We trekked it over to the Outer Sunset to try Outerlands, it’s been on my list of restaurant to try. I never really noticed some of the beautiful homes along Lincoln Way before. When we got to the restaurant 10 minutes prior to opening, there was already a throng of people waiting and we got onto the second column on the waiting list. Sadly, we just missed the cut for the first seating, but the tables turned pretty quickly and we were eventually seated outside to enjoy the amazing morning weather – no fog today!

Eggs in jail Outerlands

Organic egg fried into house baked organic levain toast, with 2 strips of bacon and side of mixed greens. $9
Outerlands, San Francisco

Everything we had was SO good! I think that the quality ingredients made all the difference because the things we ordered were simply prepared. Their levain toast was lovely and the bacon was delicious. The simple salad was also very good – I liked the variety of greens.

The table next to us ordered a dutch pancake and it looked amazing! It came to their table totally puffed up and the size of a football. Once they cut into it, it deflated of course. I’ll have to remember to order that on a return visit.

Eggs in jail Outerlands

All done!!!

It’s such a beautiful day today that I’d love to just go to the park and do nothing but relax. I have to hit the gym though and have a productive workout. The nice weather will totally motivate me. Also have to make a grocery store run so I can prepare lunches for the work week. So excited that I have a 4-day work week because because Silverfox and I are driving down to Palm Springs on Friday. F-yeah!!!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011, 2012

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