Jamon flavored Ruffles – Bar Les Cascades

Jamon flavored Ruffles - Bar Les Cascades
Ham flavored potato chips. €1.50
Bar Les Cascades, Barcelona SPAIN

This Ruffles flavor is SO salty compared to those that we have in the States, but I love this ham flavor so much anyway! I wish they sold this in the US. I bought some drinks to go along with it since it was a hot day.

Pre-boarding snacks – Air France KLM Lounge

Pre-boarding snacks - Air France KLM Lounge
Vodka cranberry cocktail, ham and cheese sandwich, brie, dried apricots. Complimentary
Air France KLM Lounge, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This lounge was small than I expected. I arrived between international flights so there wasn’t a lot to choose from in terms of food. As more passengers arrived, they put out more food and always walked around passing out warm cookies (which were very yummy).

Pre-boarding snacks – United Club

Pre-boarding snacks - United Club
Chinese donut balls, raisin bread, bloody mary, Coors light beer. Complimentary
United Club, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

This was the first time I’ve seen Chinese donut balls at a United Club. They definitely weren’t authentic – they were really just regular donut balls, but at least they tried to be fancy with the nomenclature, lol!