Galbi short rib tacos – Vatos Urban Tacos

Galbi short rib tacos - Vatos Urban Tacos
Marinated short rib, ssamjang aioli, Asian slaw, cilantro, onion, roasted sesame seeds. ₩7,900
Vatos Urban Tacos, Seoul SOUTH KOREA

These tacos were great! The short rib was so flavorful and the ssamjang aioli was super tasty. The tortillas were really different too. They almost seemed like they were made from rice instead of corn. It seemed fitting.

Chips and salsa - Vatos Urban Tacos
Chips and salsa. Complimentary

Kimchi carnitas fries – Vatos Urban Tacos

Kimchi carnitas fries - Vatos Urban Tacos
Seasoned French fries, braised carnitas, sauteed kimchi, cheese, cilantro onion, sour cream, Vatos hot sauce. ₩12,500
Vatos Urban Tacos, Seoul SOUTH KOREA

This was sinfully yummy! I wish there was more Korean flavors in there to make it more interesting, but it was pretty damn good overall. A definite gut-buster but it certainly hits the spot and tastes great with beer!

Magpie pale ale - Vatos Urban Tacos
Magpie pale ale. ₩7,500