Chicharron preparado – The Monterey

Kimchi, avocado, charred green onion crema, pickled pork skins. $s
The Monterey, San Antonio TX

This was a hot mess! It was just a bunch of crap thrown together on a big fried chicharron and they really didn’t taste good together. #fail

Pastrami dumplings – The Monterey

Pastrami dumplings - The Monterey
Rye jus, hot mustard. $11
The Monterey, San Antonio TX

I appreciate the creativity and daring in the food at The Monterey. Unfortunately, most of the dishes we ordered weren’t successful. They were messy, confusing, and just didn’t taste very good. I actually liked these dumpling though. The pastrami in the dumplings were unexpected and they rye jus was flavorful enough, but that random smudge of mustard on the rim of the bowl was SO odd. It just didn’t work with the jus. I would have understood it if the dumplings were dry, but since it was almost a soup, the condiment was off-putting.

Devil's Backbone beer - The Monterey
Real Ale “Devil’s Backbone”, Blanco, TX. $5.50