Grilled New York strip steak – Rich Table

Grilled New York strip steak - Rich Table
Broccoli, elephant garlic. $30
Rich Table, San Francisco CA

The beef tasted great, but it was REALLY fatty and gristly so I was very difficult to eat. I also wasn’t sure about the green puree underneath – it didn’t have much flavor. The elephant garlic was very mild, but the broccolini was delicious. I don’t think all the flavors came together successfully in this dish. 😦

Glazed pork cotechino – Rich Table

Glazed pork cotechino - Rich Table
Asparagus, sour orange, sunchoke. $12
Rich Table, San Francisco CA

This was the first time I’ve tried a cotechino and it was interesting. I felt like it was a hybrid between a loose sausage and a meatloaf. It had a soft texture that was easy to eat, but there was something bitter in the dish (perhaps in the sauce) that I couldn’t quite place. It was a little off-putting. I’m glad I tried it though.

Thorny's Pride & Manhattan cocktails - Rich Table
Thorny’s Pride: bourbon, maple, gran classico, meletti clove. $11
Manhattan: Buffalo Trace bourbon. $11

Chilled spring onion soup – Rich Table

Chilled spring onion soup - Rich Table
Bay shrimp (chips), green strawberries. $7
Rich Table, San Francisco CA

This was a very interesting soup. It had a thick, smooth consistency which was very pleasant. The crispy shrimp chips were great with the velvety soup and the sliced green strawberries were surprising and delicious. The soup felt rich and refreshing at the same time – pretty cool.

Dried porcini doughnuts – Rich Table

Dried porcini doughnuts - Rich Table
Raclette (cheese sauce). $7
Rich Table, San Francisco CA

Mmm, SO good! These little porcini donuts were absolutely perfect! They were beautifully fried and very flavorful. I loved the rich raclette dip that came with it (and they also tasted great dipped in the horseradish creme fraiche that came with the sardine chips, hehe). NOMS!

Sardine chips – Rich Table

Sardine chips - Rich Table
Horseradish creme fraiche. Each $2
Rich Table, San Francisco CA

These little bites were so much fun to eat! I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved that the sardines were weaved into the thin potato slices. But the star of the dish was the horseradish creme fraiche. Omg, it was SO good! I expected the sardines chips to be reasonably crispy, but they were actually a bit chewy. That was fine though.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013, 2014

Flashpoint and Manhattan cocktails - Rich Table
Flashpoint: Rittenhouse, pineapple gum, lemon cappelletti, lemon. $11
Manhattan: Buffalo Trace bourbon. $11