Reggie deluxe – Pine State Biscuits

Reggie deluxe - Pine State Biscuits
Fried chicken, bacon & cheese, egg, topped with gravy. $9
Pine State Biscuits, Portland OR

This is a definite gut buster! It has all the ingredients I love, but it actually didn’t deliver. The gravy was really salty, the biscuit was too dense, and the fried chicken was too greasy. Ugh, what happened? This place was highly recommended, but I think it fell short. Boo…

Hash ups – Pine State Biscuits

Hash ups - Pine State Biscuits
Golden hash browns with chopped steak, grilled onions, mushrooms and melted cheese. $6
Pine State Biscuits, Portland OR

This was surprisingly bland – salty perhaps but lacking in other flavors. I was a little disappointed! The hash browns were also a bit greasy and the chopped steak was on the tough side. Hmm…

Coffee - Pine State Biscuits
Coffee. $2