Prawn risotto – La Mar Salada

Prawn risotto - La Mar Salada
Pedro Ximenez sherry and parmesan cream.
La Mar Salada, Barcelona ES

This restaurant is on the boardwalk naer the Playa de St. Sebastia. I was hungry after walking around all day so I ducked in for a late lunch. I think I was the only non-Spanish person in the restaurant, lol! The food was really good and decently priced. I loved this risotto! It was super creamy and the prawns were cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, I was REALLY bad at taking food pics during this trip so don’t expect many, sorry. 😦

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, Passion Facade (western side). The cranes are kinda ugly, but I guess this Roman Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudi is constantly under building and restoration. It’s pretty frickin’ amazing regardless!