Shrimp tacos – Henry’s House

Shrimp tacos - Henry's House
Flour tortillas filled with grilled shrimp topped with a chipotle lime slaw, pico de gallo, pepperjack cheese, and sweet chili infused sour cream. $10
Henry’s House, Charleston SC

The shrimp usually comes fried, but I requested them grilled. They were OK, but what really annoyed me was that they were supposed to be half-off for happy hour but we were still charged full price. Super lame! I guess it was also pointless to order the shrimp grilled since the tacos are covered in sour cream anyway.

Fleet Landing Restaurant, Concord Street
Fleet Landing Restaurant, Concord Street. I haven’t been here yet, but would like to since it’s one of the few waterfront restaurants in downtown. People seem to enjoy their shrimp and grits as well as the fried green tomatoes.

She crab soup – Henry’s House

She crab soup - Henry's House
This thick, rich and creamy soup was pretty good but definitely on the salty side. I’d have to say that I prefer Anson’s version more; it has more finesse and depth of flavor. Henry’s she crab soup is more homey and rustic. Cup $4.95
Henry’s House, Charleston SC

Daughters of the Confederacy Museum
Daughters of the Confederacy Museum. This historic building sits on the corner of Market Street and Meeting Street at the western end off covered market area. One of these days I’ll finally take the tour, hehe!