Carrot cake – Farallon

Carrot cake - Farallon
Cream cheese icing, buttermilk ice cream, walnuts, fennel. $10
Farallon, San Francisco CA

This was probably the most moist carrot cake I’ve ever had, and that’s a good thing! I will say that with the cream cheese icing and the buttermilk ice cream, it got really heavy after a few bites. I think they could have kept this simpler and it would have been better.

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Shelburne Farm House grilled cheddar cheese – Farallon

Shelburne Farm House grilled cheddar cheese - Farallon
Dijon butter, New York rye, mixed greens salad. Happy hour $6
Farallon, San Francisco CA

SO much gooey cheese and buttery bread! I really liked this grilled cheese sandwich. It was delicious and with the side salad, it made for a substantial snack.

Classic Manhattan cocktail - Farallon
Classic Manhattan. Happy hour $6

Fanny Bay oysters – Farallon

Fanny Bay oysters - Farallon
One dozen served with champagne mignonette. Happy hour $12
Farallon, San Francisco CA

These were good (not the best), but at a dollar each I’m not gonna complain too much. As long as I had a bit of the mignonette with them I was fine. Some of them weren’t shucked very cleanly though, but the seaweed garnish was a nice touch.

Fanny Bay oysters - Farallon
April 29, 2015. Half dozen, happy hour $6

Classic Manhattan cocktails - Farallon
Classic Manhattans. Happy hour each $6