Pluma Iberico de bellota – Coqueta

Pluma Iberico de bellota - Coqueta
Pork shoulder loin with honey-chili glaze. $38
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

This pork was pretty damn tasty! But I would hope that it would be for costing almost forty bucks! I thought that it was maybe a bit undercooked for pork, so I was a little afraid to eat it, but I knew that it was really good quality pork and it tasted delicious so I ate the entire thing. The exterior was nicely seared and charred in places and the slices just melted in your mouth. The honey-chili sauce was also frickin’ amazing with the pork. I really liked this dish, but it was a bit much for a lunchtime entrée.

Pluma Iberico de bellota - Coqueta
7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Tortilla “Andres” – Coqueta

Tortilla Andres - Coqueta
Sweet onion, organic potato, parsley, piquillo pepper aioli. $7
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

Ok, the service here was better this time around, but there’s still something about it that irks me. It’s awkward and mostly aloof. Puh-lease! Anyway, this tortilla was delicate and delicious (I’ll give them that).

Limonada - Coqueta
Limonada: roasted sparkling lemonade, rosemary, seasonal fruit. $3

Patatas bravas – Coqueta

Patatas bravas - Coqueta
Freshly dug, crispy new potatoes, lightly smoked, braves salsa and garlic aioli. $8
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

I must admit that despite my horrible dining experience here, these patatas bravas were frickin’ amazing! These were probably some of the best patatas bravas I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot. I’m still skeptical of this restaurant, but at least I know that they have a dish that I’ll enjoy.

Gambas al negro – Coqueta

Gambas al negro - Coqueta
Olive oil poached head-on gulf prawns with black garlic and chili. $14
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

Ok, these prawns were pretty darn delicious, so it almost helped me forget the horrible service (but not really). The prawns were cooked perfectly and the heads were SO tasty. Then I got annoyed that you only got 3 pieces for fourteen bucks. Such a tease!

Jamon iberico de bellota – Coqueta

Jamon iberico de bellota - Coqueta
Imported. $29
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

Omg, this is the best quality of cured Spanish ham around! I loved the super thin slices and they had such a wonderful flavor. I didn’t like the tiny, dry breadsticks though, and the twenty nine dollar price tag was pushing it for me especially for the modest serving size. But that didn’t fully detract from the amazing quality.

Chorizo & House cured boquerones – Coqueta

Chorizo & House cured boquerones - Coqueta
Chorizo, roasted artichokes, and piquillo pepper. White anchovies, olives, pearl onions, and guindilla pepper. $10
Coqueta, San Francisco CA

This place did NOT make a good first impression. The service was excruciatingly slow, and the food was overpriced. Each of these tiny skewers were $2.50, really?! And I ordered a glass of sangria when I first sat down, but it didn’t arrive until half way through our meal even after asking about it several times! That is simply unacceptable especially when the sangria is pre-made! They kept saying, “The bar is really busy.” Puhlease, it shouldn’t take 40 minutes to pour a single glass of bland sangria! Shame on you, Coqueta! #FAIL

Sangria - Coqueta
Sangria: red wine, manzanilla sherry, orange, lemon, ginger, berries, chamomile, and local apples. $9