Eggs benedict – Clyde Common

Eggs benedict - Clyde Common
English muffin, poached eggs, ham, béarnaise. $13
Clyde Common, Portland OR

Ugh, this was a clunker. The English muffin was really dense and very baking soda tasting. I wasn’t a fan. I really couldn’t get past the muffin, it was so hard to cut through and eat.

Charlie Horse cocktail - Clyde Common
Charlie Horse: vodka, orange juice, ginger, Averna. $9

Lamb andouille sausage – Clyde Common

Lamb andouille sausage - Clyde Common
Shelling beans, arugula pesto, poached eggs. $14
Clyde Common, Portland OR

This was a very hearty dish, but I felt like the andouille was dry and overcooked. Even the poached eggs were hard poached. The shelling beans tasted good, but the entire dish was just too dry for me. I had high hopes, but this dish fell flat.

I, Chihuahua - Clyde Common
I, Chihuahua: tequila, orange marmalade, soda. $9

Clyde Common