Orange chicken – Chada Thai Cuisine

Orange chicken - Chada Thai Cuisine
Crispy chicken glazed in spicy sweet orange flavored sauce. $8.95
Chada Thai Cuisine, Palm Springs CA

I don’t know why restaurants label their dishes “spicy” when there is absolutely no heat! This wasn’t even bland so I’m not sure where any of the “spicy” was hiding. Lame.


Beef panang curry – Chada Thai Cuisine

Beef panang curry - Chada Thai Cuisine
Sweet red curry with bell pepper, basil leaves and coconut milk. $8.95
Chada Thai Cuisine, Palm Springs CA

Meh, this panang curry was more yellow than I’m used to. They also added zucchini which wasn’t indicated on the menu description. It was also one of the most watery panang curries I’ve had. Another failure in my book…