The Razerback plate – Baby Blues BBQ

The Razerback plate - Baby Blues BBQ
1/3 rack baby back ribs, 1/4 lb pulled pork, served with macaroni and cheese and corn bread. $16
Baby Blues BBQ, San Francisco CA

This was at the end of a day of birthday drinking with friends so I really can’t speak to the food so much, lol! I think it was good though… 🙂

Marisol: Portrait of Georgia O'Keefe statue
Marisol: Portrait of Georgia O’Keefe statue, Sydney G. Walton Square.

The twosome sampler platter – Baby Blues BBQ

Appetizer plate - Memphis Minnie's
2 chicken wings, 2 bad-ass meatballs, 2 shrimps. $12.90
Baby Blues BBQ, San Francisco CA

I have mixed feelings about Baby Blues BBQ, but I was not impressed with these assorted appetizers. Everything was pretty dry. Thank goodness the shrimp had some sauce drizzled on top otherwise it would have been too dry to eat and enjoy. The meatballs were also dense and dry, and not very tasty. And even the chicken wings were a disappointment. This made me sad. 😦

Certified black angus beef brisket – Baby Blues BBQ

Certified black angus beef brisket - Baby Blues BBQ
1 pound $19.75
Baby Blues BBQ, San Francisco CA

I was SO disappointed when I opened the to-go bag and found this tiny container of meat that cost me twenty bucks! But one pound of beef is actually a lot of food – it just looked deceivingly small in the container. The brisket was good, but I’m still not convinced that it should cost so much.