Borscht tartare – Abe Fisher

Borscht tartare - Abe Fisher
Trout roe, sour cream, onion potato chips, hard-cooked egg. Happy hour $7
Abe Fisher, Philadelphia PA

This tasted great and was really fun to eat with the potato chips. The dish was really just borscht beets made to look like a plate of tartare – genius! And delicious! And my bartender/server rocked!

Savory rugelach - Abe Fisher
Savory rugelach: chicken schmaltz and dill with toasted sesame seed & black olive and plum butter with poppy seed. Complimentary
OMG, these were frickin’ amazing! I wish I could have bought a box of these to take with me.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge and ship
Benjamin Franklin Bridge and ship.

Raw and marinated bass – Abe Fisher

Raw and marinated bass - Abe Fisher
Avocado cream cheese, pomegranate-caraway vinaigrette. Happy hour $7
Abe Fisher, Philadelphia PA

Mmm, this was SO good! I loved the bass both ways and they were prepared perfectly. The vinaigrette tasted great and wasn’t overpowering as to cover up the flavor of the bass. The service here was also fabulous (unlike some restaurants like

Flatbush Avenue cocktail - Abe Fisher
Flatbush Avenue: buffalo trace bourbon, barrel-aged manischewitz campari. Happy hour $7

Betsy Ross House
Betsy Ross House.