Scrambled eggs and sausages – The Abbott Lodge

Scrambled eggs and sausages - The Abbott Lodge
With another slice of “bacon”. Complimentary
The Abbott Lodge, Dublin IRELAND

Again, a little different from the breakfast foods I’m used to. The eggs were scrambled really fine, if that makes sense. And the sausage has such an odd texture, it’s very soft like Vienna sausages. I’m glad that there was a slight sear on the outside otherwise I don’t think I would have eaten much of it. Ketchup was definitely my fried, lol!

Dairy Land Cuisine pure butter - The Abbott Lodge
Dairy Land Cuisine pure butter. I think the clean, simple packaging is cute!

A Spoonful of Irish sugar packets - The Abbott Lodge

A Spoonful of Irish sugar packets. These sachets have cute Irish sayings on the back like “Beauty does not boil the pot” and “The man with boots does not have to worry about where he puts his feet”. Some are funny, but some are just confusing, lol!

William Smith O'Brien statue, by Thomas Farrell

William Smith O’Brien statue, by Thomas Farrell, O’Connell Street. This street has many statues of political figures. O’Brien was an Irish Nationalist and Member of Parliament and leader of the Young Ireland movement. I snapped this quick pic from the Dublin “Green” Bus Tour.

Bacon and eggs breakfast – The Abbott Lodge

Bacon and eggs breakfast - The Abbott Lodge
Fried eggs and “bacon”. Complimentary
The Abbott Lodge, Dublin IRELAND

It always tickles me how food varies depending on where you eat it. For instance, I would never call this “bacon”. For me, I’d call them fried, fatty ham slices. The pepper is also WAY too powdery for my taste.

Batch bread toast - The Abbott Lodge
Toasted batch bread with strawberry jam. Mmm, I do love the bread they have in Ireland. It’s super airy and flavorful.

Assorted Hartley's jams and marmalades - The Abbott Lodge
Assorted Hartley’s jams and marmalades. These are cute!

Wellington Monument obelisk, Phoenix Park

Wellington Monument obelisk, Phoenix Park. This is the tallest obelisk in Europe and the second tallest in the world, second only to the Washington Monument. Phoenix Park is quite large and makes for a great quick getaway from downtown Dublin.