Agedashi tofu – Wasabi Bistro

Agedashi tofu - Wasabi Bistro
Deep fried tofu served in hot tentsuyu broth topped with bonito flakes and nori. $13
Wasabi Bistro, San Francisco CA

Mmm, deep fried silken tofu! These blocks of goodness were delicious especially with the salty broth and fun, flaky toppings. Noms!

San Francisco Ferry Building
San Francisco Ferry Building.

12 thoughts on “Agedashi tofu – Wasabi Bistro

  1. Incredibly expensive! Wow, I was surprised by the price. My wife eats this kind of thing at home. She makes it herself. And the cost is less than 200 yen (or $2). In fact, the tofu itself is less than $1.

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