Fried egg breakfast – Pink Tulip Hotel

Fried egg breakfast - Pink Tulip Hotel
Served with bread and Vietnamese coffee with milk. 35,000 VND
Pink Tulip Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

The sweet hotel server asked if I wanted one side or two sides which I figured was regarding how I wanted my eggs fried. I said two sides. What I didn’t know was that the cook literally just flips the egg before plating so it was WAY over easy (too over easy for my taste). I quickly learned for the next time, hehe!

Party boat on the Saigon River
Party boat on the Saigon River.


2 thoughts on “Fried egg breakfast – Pink Tulip Hotel

  1. fried egg-yum! Brings back memories of fried egg sandwiches as a child. Loved those things and especially loved an oozing yolk. Fried on one side would have been totally not cooked on the other, then? Funny how many ways there are to cook the seemingly simple egg!

    Pairing with Vietnamese coffee sounds positively brilliant!

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