Crispy calamari – The Tropicale

Crispy calamari - The Tropicale
With spicy Asian red chili sauce. $9
The Tropicale, Palm Springs CA

Yuck, this was gross! The calamari was super dry, overcooked, rubbery, tough to chew, and lacked flavor. It definitely tasted like poor quality frozen calamari that was abused by the fry cook. And the chili sauce was really an Asian-inspired salsa, just sayin’.

Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens, Fouquieriaceae)

Ocotillo, desert coral, vine cactus, etc. (Fouquieria splendens, Fouquieriaceae) in the yard. Can’t wait to catch it blooming.

4 thoughts on “Crispy calamari – The Tropicale

  1. Ok… you need to take pictures that aren’t so appealing! I almost liked this post and just assumed that the calamari was good because the picture looked so appetizing! Ha! Good to know that wasn’t the case though!

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