Pollo burrito – El Farolito

Pollo burrito - El Farolito
Grilled chicken, rice, beans, salsa. Regular $5.25
El Farolito, San Francisco

I’m dumbfounded by the extreme popularity of this place! I would say that most people are too drunk after hours to realize what they’re eating or care about the questionable service, but I’ve also seen this place packed for early dinner.

The last time I ate here, my food was good but the time previous it was super salty. Again, this chicken burrito was SO salty it gave me a major headache! I’m convinced the food is on par with nearby taquerias or even below them which begs the question of why they’re so popular. The service is a completely different issue. The cooks seem to be running a mile a minute but the cashier, who also acts as the expeditor, is inevitably slow and inconsistent. I’ve had major waits for food that seems to come out willy-nilly.

I get that this place is a no-frills, no-nonsense taqueria but at least serve consistent, non-salty food and get it out in a decent amount of time. I’m over it.

San Francisco themed mural, 21st Street
San Francisco themed mural, 21st Street. Is that supposed to be Boyz II Men? 🙂

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