Grouper fish taco – The Taco Spot

Grouper fish taco - The Taco Spot
Six inch soft corn tortillas with cilantro soy aioli, shredded lettuce, grated cheddar cheese, and tomato-cucumber pico salsa. $2.95
The Taco Spot, Charleston SC

This taco was pretty good. The grouper was tender and I enjoyed the cilantro soy aioli. The flavors were surprisingly delicate, but very tasty. It was also on the small side, but I guess I’m just used to tacos from The Mission where they’re gigantic!

Array of hot sauces - The Taco Spot
Array of hot sauces. The counter is lined with a large selection of hot sauces. Some of the tacos are less flavorful than others so the addition of these condiments helps, hehe.

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston Waterfront Park
Pineapple Fountain at the Charleston Waterfront Park. I’ve been to Charleston several times and I love this park. It’s very relaxing and beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Grouper fish taco – The Taco Spot

  1. What’s your opinion about strong condiments like cilantro aioli on a fish taco. It sounds really good, but I imagine that it could overpower the fish? Great pic of the hotsauce!

    • I think strong condiments are less of an issue when the fish is battered and fried, but in this case the grouper was grilled. The cilantro aioli, however, was really on the mild side with just enough cilantro flavor to make it discernible. Otherwise, the cilantro would have definitely masked the fish altogether. The Taco Spot did a good job in keeping it balanced.

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