Smoked salmon scramble – Chloe’s Cafe

Project 365: Day 47

Silverfox got back from Palms Springs today, yay! So I hit the gym this morning then grabbed brunch with him around noon. We both have Presidents Day off work so we’ve hung out, done a little shopping, and we might go to happy hour later.

OMG, I almost lost my iPhone again today! I left it at the store and realized that it was missing when I got outside. Thank god it was found and turned in. Customer Service had it when we got back inside, phew! This current iPhone is the 3rd one I’ve owned since May 2011! I lost the first one and the second one was stolen. Argh! I’m really bad with phones – maybe there’s a support group I can join.

Smoked salmon scramble Chloe's Cafe

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, served with a cup of fresh fruit (strawberry, banana, orange, cantaloupe, honeydew melon), 2 slices whole wheat walnut bread, Darigold butter, and raspberry jam. $10.50
Chloe’s Cafe, San Francisco

This was actually very tasty and a great value. You get a lot of scramble, a generous portion of fruit, and bread! I couldn’t finish the entire thing even though I was hungry. The eggs were cooked a little on the well side, but they were still good. I loved the whole wheat walnut bread, SO good! The service is also very friendly. I’ve always wondered why this place always has a line in front of it. Answers: there’s not a lot of brunch options in Noe Valley, there’s limited seating, the food is yummy, the service is great, the prices can’t be beat. A winner!

Coffee Chloe's Cafe

Coffee. $2.50


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