Rock shrimp tacos – Hog & Rocks

Rock shrimp tacos Hog & Rocks

Red cabbage slaw, chipotle cream, mango and jicama salsa.  $5 happy hour
Hog & Rocks, San Francisco

Wow, these were amazing!  And only five dollars for two huge tacos!  The shrimp was tender inside with a great crispy fried coating.  Sometimes it’s hard to taste the batter when there’s so many other components, but this batter stood out to me.  The chipotle cream was delicious and I loved the crunch from the cabbage slaw and the mango and jicama salsa.  I wish the salsa came on the taco though.  It would have provided just another smattering of color, and I’m too lazy to put add it myself, hehe.  I would order this again any day!


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