Shima aji nigiri – Tokyo Go Go

Shima aji nigiri Tokyo Go Go

Spanish white mackerel slices over sushi rice, with pickled ginger and wasabi.  $6.50
Tokyo Go-Go, San Francisco

This was on their nightly special list so we decided to try it.  The waitress told us it was Spanish white mackerel.  I’m not sure if that’s correct because Googling “shima aji” comes up with many different results, none of which are for Spanish white mackerel.  This just adds to my frustration with the use of common names in communicative nomenclature, but that’s for another blog – lol!  Whatever we ate, I really liked it!  The shima aji wasn’t fishy tasting at all.  It had quite a firm texture and a mellow flavor.  I loved the peach color that gradated to a bright pinkish red.


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