Nutella donut – Tim Hortons

Nutella donut - Tim Hortons
With peanuts.
Tim Hortons, Niagara Falls CANADA

Mmm, this was really tasty, but I’m gonna say that there was too much chocolate. I know that sounds crazy, but I just haven’t had a sweet tooth lately. The dough was light and fluffy though so I’d say this was still a #win!


Nutella & Raspberry macarons – La Boulange de Noe

Nutella Raspberry macarons La Boulange de Noe

I’ve made it my personal mission to try all the different macaron flavors I come across, lol!  La Boulange has a colorful array of flavors displayed in their pastry case and they look absolutely beautiful.  I loved the nutella macaron – it was dark, nutty, and not too sweet.  The chocolate hazelnut flavor was prominent but not overpowering, and the chopped hazelnut bits on the outside were cute and provided a great texture.  The raspberry macaron was a bit of a disappointment.  It was too soft and almost disintegrated upon the touch.  I guess I don’t like my macarons that flimsy.  $1.50 each
La Boulange de Noe, San Francisco

Nutella macaron La Boulange de Noe

Nutella macaron

Raspberry macarons La Boulange de Noe

Raspberry macaron