Chicken bulgogi – The Store on the Corner

Chicken bulgogi - The Store on the Corner
Korean bbq chicken with rice, kimchee and salad. $9.20
The Store on the Corner, San Francisco CA

I liked this bulgogi chicken because it was very flavorful and tender. I think it was all chicken thighs. I also like their kimchi!


Bulgogi bibim stone bowl – BibimBar

Bulgogi bibim stone bowl - BibimBar
Marinated beef, japchae, lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, pickled radish, bean sprouts, grilled onion, finely sliced egg, and spicy sauce. $9.50
BibimBar, San Francisco CA

I learned my lesson last time and got the regular spicy sauce instead of the super spicy sauce this time around. I like this place even though it’s not the best Korean food. It’s a nice break from all the lunchtime sandwiches and salads in the FiDi.