Fried Pacific oysters – Staple & Fancy

Fried Pacific oysters - Staple & Fancy
Noms, these were delicious and perfectly cooked! Not greasy in the least. The coating was warm and crispy and the large Pacific oysters were juicy and tender. Family style supper $46 per person
Staple and Fancy, Seattle WA

Leif Erikson memorial statue

Leif Erikson memorial statue, Shilshole Bay Marina.

Chickpeas with smoke octopus – Staple & Fancy

Chickpeas with smoke octopus - Staple & Fancy
Family style supper $46 per person
Staple and Fancy, Seattle WA

I think they sprinkled smoked paprika on top and there were red bell peppers mixed it too. Anyway, this dish was SO delicious! The slices of smoked octopus had SO much flavor and gave the dish a nice meaty quality. Noms!

Market Memories mural, Billy King

Market Memories mural, Billy King, 2011, Pike Place Market.

Homemade mozzarella – Staple & Fancy

Burrata - Staple & Fancy
Buffalo mozzarella With shaved golden bottarga (silver mullet roe) and watercress. Family style supper $46 per person
Staple and Fancy, Seattle WA

Mmm, I love all cheeses but homemade mozzarella is particularly delicious! It’s SO light with a beautifully silky texture. Yes please!

Bread, oil and vinegar - Staple & Fancy
Baguette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Complimentary

Rachel the bronze pig
Rachel the bronze pig, Pike Place Market. How can you not love a 550-pound bronze cast piggy bank?!

Cocktails – Staple & Fancy

Southern key cocktail - Staple and Fancy
Southern Key: bourbon, cointreau, bonal gentiane-quina. $9
Staple and Fancy, Seattle WA

Old pal cocktail - Staple and Fancy

Old Pal: Canadian whiskey, dry vermouth, campari. $9

Mmm, I’m really getting into different whiskey drinks. Another sign that I’m getting old, lol! These were delicious and reasonably priced.

Olympic Iliad sculpture, Alexander Liberman
Olympic Iliad sculpture, 1984, Alexander Liberman, Seattle Center. Steel cylinders painted an industrial red.