Brunch salad – Society Hill Society

Brunch salad - Society Hill Society
Endive and greens, fried egg, bacon, walnuts, fig, apple ginger vinaigrette. $11
Society Hill Society, Philadelphia PA

Ugh, after having to endure the slower-than-molasses service and this mediocre salad, it’s safe to say that I will probably never return to Society Hill Society. And don’t get me started on that egg! It didn’t know whether it should be fried, steamed, or poached (even though it’s advertised as fried). Can it get any more awkward?

Schuylkill River
Schuylkill River.

Sticky bun french toast – Society Hill Society

Sticky bun french toast - Society Hill Society
SHS sticky buns, honey ice cream, pecan maple syrup. $12
Society Hill Society, Philadelphia PA

This dish was tasty, BUT I could not get over how SLOW the service was! Omg, we waited SO frickin’ long between everything – getting seated, having the waitress take our drink order, her bringing us our drinks, taking our food order, finally getting our food, waiting for the check, etc, etc! This was the longest I’ve spent waiting at a restaurant with nothing actually happening. What is wrong with these people?!? I was not impressed…

Orange Catholic cocktail - Society Hill Society
Orange Catholic: vodka, lemon, orange, hibiscus, sparkling wine. $9

Headhouse Market, Society Hill
Headhouse Market, Society Hill.