Park Circle hamburger – Sesame Burgers & Beer

Park Circle hamburger - Sesame Burgers & Beer
Proudly serving Meyers Farm hormone free, grass fed beef, ground in house daily using their special seasoning and cooked to order. Each burger is served on a fresh sesame seed bun with lettuce and a side of housemade bread and butter pickles. Sharp cheddar cheese, cole slaw, bbq sauce and tomato. $7.40 (Side of sliced cucumber salad with oregano, feta and olives. $1.50)
Sesame Burgers & Beer, North Charleston SC

This placed was jam-packed! We had to wait to get seated, then we waited a really long time before we got our food. We actually waited SO long that we had our food packed to-go because our lunch time was ending! I guess that’s what happens when you have a really popular restaurant and not many dining alternatives nearby. The cheeseburger was really good though and the beef patty was tender and juicy. I loved the coleslaw and bbq sauce combination. The cucumber salad was just ok, but I can’t really complain for a buck fifty!

Typical marshland vegetation, Ripley Point
Typical marshland vegetation, Ripley Point. The saw palmettos seem to grow everywhere!