Valdeon Spanish blue cheese – Beso

Valdeon Spanish blue cheese - Beso
Semi soft, hazelnut. Served with bread, grapes, membrillo. $5
Beso, San Francisco CA

I love blue cheese and this was delicious. It wasn’t as strong and pungent as some other blue cheeses, but it had a great flavor and texture. Noms!

Bernal Heights Hill Park
Bernal Heights Hill Park.

Carne a la plancha – Beso

Carne a la plancha - Beso
Seared hangar steak, crispy brussels sprouts, arrope, hazelnut paprika vinaigrette. $19
Beso, San Francisco CA

This hangar steak was very tasty and perfectly cooked. It was tender and super flavorful. I thought the yummy dressing and leaves of brussels sprouts paired nicely with the succulent steak.

San Francisco sunrise
San Francisco sunrise.