Shrimp and grits – The Parish Cafe

Shrimp and grits - The Parish Cafe
Poached eggs, bacon, shallots, green onion, creole tomato sauce. $15
The Parish Cafe, Healdsburg CA

This was SO wonderful! The shrimp were scrumptious as was the creole tomato sauce. Everything just brimming with flavor and it wasn’t too heavy. I thought the grits should have been creamier though. They were pretty stiff when they arrived at the table.


2 thoughts on “Shrimp and grits – The Parish Cafe

  1. Looks delicious.
    How do you remember everything, the ingredients, flavours, textures? Without either taking notes or posting immediately. I don’t like doing that in restaurants.

    • I actually don’t even like taking food pics at restaurants, lol! But I’ve learned how to do it quickly with my iPhone so my dining companions don’t get annoyed and even without the waitstaff seeing me. I also snap of pic of the menu for the ingredients (then any non-listed ingredients I found interesting). In terms of remember the food, it just comes easily if it’s really tasty or really horrible. It’s hard to remember the middle-of-the-road food. The service quality also helps me to remember the food. If the service and/or experience was awesome or horrible, I tend to remember the food more easily. 🙂

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