Jalisco shrimp enchiladas – La Sandia

Jalisco shrimp enchiladas - La Sandia
Oaxaca cheese, corn, rajas, crema fresca, plantains, cilantro rice, avocado.
La Sandia, McLean VA

I really wasn’t as into this was I though I would be. I really liked the plantains and the cilantro rice was fine, but the shrimp enchiladas left me wanting more. The enchilada sauce was bland and boring and the shrimp were over cooked. Thank god for the crema and avocado make it a little interesting. And the good margarita to wash it all down with!

De La Casa Margarita - La Sandia
De La Casa Margarita: tequila, citrus, on the rocks. $8

Chips and salsa - La Sandia
Chips and salsa. Complimentary
These were really addicting and the salsa was delicious!

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