Sea urchin in egg – Izakaya Roku

Sea urchin in egg - Izakaya Roku
Uni tamago toji. With scallions and nori. $13
Izakaya Roku, San Francisco CA

This was a new and interesting dish for me. I’d never had uni this way before. It was pretty good, but I kinda wish that the uni was less cooked. I’m still trying to get used to eating sea urchin, but I would rather have a really great raw uni than low quality cooked uni. This uni wasn’t of the best quality, but it was ok and it definitely gross horrible uni. Here’s to trying new food!

2 thoughts on “Sea urchin in egg – Izakaya Roku

  1. You are brave. 😉
    I agree – I have tried raw uni and for some reason the thought of it cooked seems sketchier. But I am even a little but sketched out by raw uni. Not really sure why.

    • Yeah, I’m trying. I still haven’t quite completely conquered my fear of uni, but I’ve had some good experiences. The uni has to be really fresh and of good quality to be good. Bad uni is REALLY HORRIBLE!

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