Lamb and beef gyro – Gryo Xpress

Lamb and beef gyro - Gryo Xpress
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, tzatziki sauce. $7.50
Gyro Xpress, San Francisco CA

Ugh, this was SO gross! It looked fine on the plate, but once I started eating it gallons of grease started dripping out from inside. Barf! This was an excessive amount of grease, too. The lamb cuts were also of poor quality with lots of fat (not the yummy kind) and gristle. No thank you!

Lamb and beef gyro - Gryo Xpress

2 thoughts on “Lamb and beef gyro – Gryo Xpress

  1. Almost nothing worse than a crappy gyro. Mostly because they are sooo good that the expectations are high. Then when they are bad, it’s that much worse. Coincidentally, I am going to a Greek festival this weekend where they have fresh cut gyro off the spit! Can’t wait!

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