Yuzu shio ramen – Ken Ken Ramen

Yuzu shio ramen - Ken Ken Ramen
Clean and refreshing. Salt base ramen with Japanese yuzu citrus pepper, mizuna greens, pork and chicken stock. A slow cooked traditional Japanese style ramen. Topped with beautifully braised pork (cha-shu), nori, “onsen” soft boiled egg and assorted veggies. Home style noodles with imported flour from Hokkaido. $11
Ken Ken Ramen, San Francisco CA

Um, I’m not sure that I liked this. I always equate ramen with dark, rich, warm, savory, comforting flavors. The yuzu and mizuna gave this soup such a bright citrusy-y flavor that it seemed odd to me for ramen.

Purple bougainvillea flowers (Nyctaginaceae), 24th Street
Purple bougainvillea flowers (Nyctaginaceae), 24th Street. This is a popular garden plant in San Francisco! We even have a large one in our back yard.

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