Cocktails – Jake’s on Market

Ravenous Pineapple cocktail - Jake's on Market
Ravenous Pineapple – Herradura tequila, Ilegal mezcal, pineapple and lime served tall. $12

Jake's Takes Manhattan cocktail - Jake's on Market

Jake’s Takes Manhattan – Knob Creek bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur and Amaro Averna served up. $12
Jake’s on Market, San Francisco CA

I wasn’t too impressed by the cocktails at Jake’s, especially at $12 a pop. For one thing, if something is supposed to be “served tall” I expect it to come in a highball or similar glassware, not in a short tumbler. Lame! The Ravenous Pineapple cocktail was different, but not amazing tasting. The Manhattan tasted a little better.

Mosaic snake, 24th and York Street Mini Park
Mosaic snake, 24th and York Street Mini Park. This is a super cool sculpture in the play area at this park in The Mission.

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