Corned beef – Local Mission Eatery

Project 365: Day 110

Argh, I totally don’t wan’t to be at work today! It’s kind of a waste to work on a Monday since I’m leaving for Europe tomorrow. My flight isn’t until 4pm, but I took the entire day off because I just want time to relax and make sure that I’ve packed everything I need. I tried searching for my electrical outlet adaptor earlier but I couldn’t find it. Oh well, I know that Hubbs is bringing one. Why aren’t outlets standardized across all countries, anyway? Geez!

Corned beef Local Mission Eatery
With poached eggs and beer braised cabbage. $12
Local Mission Eatery, San Francisco CA

Corned beef Local Mission Eatery
The corned beef was super tender and flavorful and I loved the sourness of the beer braised cabbage. The eggs were poached medium, as requested by David, lol! I don’t know why people even order poached eggs if they don’t like them runny! They’re missing out. 🙂

Rudolph Valentino house 1926, Roosevelt Way

Former Rudolph Valentino house, Roosevelt Way. I’ve walked by this beautiful house in the Upper Market Terrace neighborhood many times, but didn’t know that it had previously belonged to the silent film star, Rudolph Valentino, in 1926 according to the plaque in front. Apparently, that’s also the year he died. 😦

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