Steamed tofu skins with minced pork – Grand Palace Restaurant

Steamed tofu skins with minced pork - Grand Palace Restaurant
I love tofu skin rolls! They sometimes have a shrimp filling, but this minced pork filling was really good too. $3.20
Grand Palace Restaurant, South San Francisco CA

Yellow flannelbush flower (Fremontodendron californicum, Malvaceae)
Yellow flannelbush flower (Fremontodendron californicum, Malvaceae). This California native makes for a lovely and hardy garden plant. This was along the San Francisco Bay Trail.


Tofu skin rolls – Ton Kiang

Tofu skin rolls Ton Kiang

Steamed bean curd skins stuffed with what tasted like a meat and shrimp mixture, in a brown sauce and topped with chopped green onions.
Ton Kiang, San Francisco

This was one of the few successes during my visit to ton Kiang.  It was very tasty and the 3 pieces were decently sized.  I’m not sure what the oily brown sauce was, but it had a nice mild flavor.  I loved the texture of the soft, filmy tofu skin surrounding the dense meat filling.  I don’t know if these skins were store bought, but I would love to see how they are made by hand.  It looks pretty cool from what I’ve seen online!

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