Steamed tofu skins with minced pork – Grand Palace Restaurant

Steamed tofu skins with minced pork - Grand Palace Restaurant
I love tofu skin rolls! They sometimes have a shrimp filling, but this minced pork filling was really good too. $3.20
Grand Palace Restaurant, South San Francisco CA

Yellow flannelbush flower (Fremontodendron californicum, Malvaceae)
Yellow flannelbush flower (Fremontodendron californicum, Malvaceae). This California native makes for a lovely and hardy garden plant. This was along the San Francisco Bay Trail.

6 thoughts on “Steamed tofu skins with minced pork – Grand Palace Restaurant

      • Sorry I lapsed into patios. Hehe. I always been tickled by the original common names of plants that can be talked of as ‘choice’ garden plants in this country, using only their Latin names. A good example is the ‘exquisite’ nectarscodium which I saw at Longwood Gardens referred to as Sicilian honey garlic.

        • Coming from a systematics background, I rarely know the common names so I always have to look them up. Oftentimes they’re descriptive enough, but also confusing. Oh well.

          • Respect! – as they say. I haven’t a botanical qualification to my name but have been a sort of botanical groupie in my recent employment, working in and with botanical gardens in UK on interpretation for the public. I agree with you about English common names, the best book on the subject has have no scientific ambitious at all and it written by a linguist and poet. (An Englishman’s Flora, Geoffrey Grigson – first published in 1955) A sort of cultural botany I suppose.

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