Shan Dong chicken – Shan Dong Restaurant

Shan Dong chicken - Shan Dong Restaurant
Shan Dong Restaurant, Oakland CA

This chicken was pretty good, but it actually wasn’t different from many Chinese fried chicken dishes you can get elsewhere. The sauce could’ve used some heat or more intense flavor. It was fried well though.

Sesame paste noodles – Shan Dong Restaurant

Sesame paste noodles - Shan Dong Restaurant
Spicy. $10.50
Shan Dong Restaurant, Oakland CA

These handmade noodles were great and the sauce was super tasty! They certainly give you plenty of food too. We couldn’t possibly have eaten all of these at the restaurant so we were happy to take the remainder home. The service we receive was horrible though! Our server completely ignored us after we received our food and wouldn’t give us our check even after repeatedly trying to flag her down. #fail