Gateau Basque – Piperade

Gateau Basque - Piperade
Cherry preserves. $9
Piperade, San Francisco CA

This almond flour based cake was good and had a good texture, but I wasn’t amazed. I think part of my disinterest comes from the fact that I’ve been to this restaurant about three times now and it’s a frickin’ snoozefest in there! The servers, bussers, and expediters were all cold and mechanical and could care less if you were enjoying your experience or the food. For instance, I had the rack of lamb for my entree this past visit. It came out cold and way underdone so I had a few bites and left the rest on my plate because it was unappetizing. The plate was eventually removed from the table as if everybody orders a $32 plate just to eat two bites. Nobody asked me how it was or if I was enjoying it. They don’t care if you like the food and apparently they don’t care if the food is properly prepared in the first place. Once our dinner order was placed in the beginning, we no longer existed and the staff was just going through the motions. They just want to get you in and get you out! I’m actually really surprised that this restaurant is as popular as it is given my recent experiences here.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Colorful aeoniums
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