Egg pudding – How Sweet Bakery

Egg pudding - How Sweet Bakery
Cream, egg, sugar, vanilla stick. ¥9.0
How Sweet Bakery, Shanghai CHINA

This egg pudding was delicious! I loved its firm texture and delicate flavor. The presentation inside the egg was cute and fun to eat. Noms!

How Sweet Bakery
How Sweet Bakery.


Burning firewood fish – How Sweet Bakery

Burning firewood fish - How Sweet Bakery
Dried fish slice, chopped green onion, salad sauce. ¥8.2
How Sweet Bakery, Shanghai CHINA

This was a very interesting savory bun. It looked interesting to me so I decided to try it. The bun was covered in bonito flakes and green onion powder. It tasted very smoky from the dried fish flakes, and I enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s an item that I will suddenly craved, but I’m glad I tried it.