The Trilby cocktail – Hazlewood

The Trilby cocktail - Hazlewood
Bourbon, red vermouth, and orange bitters. Served up with an orange twist and a brandied cherry. $9
Hazlewood, Seattle WA

I like the vibe at Hazlewood. It’s small and relaxed, and the bartenders are unpretentious and friendly. The drinks are also creative enough to keep you interested, and they tasted pretty good too!

The Hazlewood & The Bloody Dog – Hazlewood

The Hazlewood The Bloody Dog
Have I mentioned that I love cocktails?  Lol!  There was a time when greyhounds were my cocktail of choice, so I was happy when I discovered that Hazlewood served a Bloody Dog on their specialty cocktail menu.  You simply can’t go wrong with vodka and grapefruit juice, yeah!
Hazlewood, Seattle

Chocolate truffle Hazlewood
Apparently, when you order The Hazlewood cocktail you also get a chocolate truffle and a Nat Sherman!  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this before, but it’s a delicious treat to go along with a a delicious cocktail.