Grilled portabella mushroom scramble – Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Grilled portabella mushroom scramble - Mother's Bistro & Bar
Grilled portabellas marinated in garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, scrambled with eggs,
fresh sautéed spinach and asiago cheese. Served with whole wheat toast and potatoes. $11.95
Mother’s Bistro & Bar, Portland OR

This place is certainly popular! We waited a while (which I don’t mind bc I’m used it living in San Francisco), but the hostess was a total bitch! Ugh, someone should really re-train her because I would avoid returning just so that I don’t have to deal with such unprofessionalism again.

Our server a great though – a bit odd, but very likable.  The food tasted fresh and delicious. I’m glad because I would have been pissed to find crappy food after having to endure that horrible front desk.

Mother’s Famous Bloody Mary - Mother's Bistro & Bar
Mother’s Famous Bloody Mary: house-infused pepper and jalapeño vodka with secret bloody concoction. $8

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