The complete galette – Galette 88

The complete galette - Galette 88
Buckwheat galette with emmentaler cheese, ham, soft cooked egg. Served with a mixed green salad. $10.50
Galette 88, San Francisco CA

I absolutely love savory buckwheat galettes and this one was SO tasty! I loved all the quality ingredients and the soft cooked egg was perfect. I will say that there was possibly too much cheese on the galette (like enough for an entire pizza), but I’m probably just complaining because I’ve been on a health kick lately. I would definitely go back for another!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Unsweetened black iced tea - Galette 88
Unsweetened black iced tea. $2

13 thoughts on “The complete galette – Galette 88

  1. Hello. Great blog! Can I ask you a question please? What is a galette? I have a recipe for buckwheat pancakes, are they the same thing? This meal looks so tasty, I’d love to try making it.

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