Crispy lemon chips – Park Tavern

Crispy lemon chips - Park Tavern
Burrata, chickweed, sorrel, and Hawaiian black sea salt. $14
Park Tavern, San Francisco CA

A new combination for me – fried lemons and burrata cheese! I’ll admit that I really haven’t had fried lemon slices as an actually appetizer before; perhaps as just a garnish in the past. Anyway, this was delicious and the lemons were nice and crispy!

Beautiful San Francisco homes
Beautiful San Francisco homes, Castro.

17 thoughts on “Crispy lemon chips – Park Tavern

  1. What a gorgeous combination. I have never come across fried lemons before. Absolutely adore burrata and really want to try this. Lemons are in season over here so I think there might be some experimentation happening in my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have never heard of fried lemons. Damn, miss too much living in a small city sometimes! I may have to make,these sometime. The boys love to,suck on lemons, imagine what they would do if it was a chip!

    • Not too lemony actually. Because the slices were SO thin and I think they were dusted with maybe flour or some kind of starch before being fried, I lot of the lemon flavor got masked. Then the burrata dip just covered it even more. You could definitely taste the lemon but it wasn’t like sucking on a fresh one.

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